Men´s Fitness Magazine: Who said vegan cooking was boring?

– Add some oomph to your Veganuary efforts with these
flavour-packed recipes from Laila Madsö, the magazine states in their meat-free motivation pages.

Plant-based cooking can be so much more than bland tofu and rubbery fake cheese. Part cookbook, part veggie guidebook, How to be Vegan in 28 Days shows you all you need to know to thrive on a colourful, tasty and nutritious plant-based diet. Who said vegan cooking was boring?

Hot to be vegan in 28 days featured as Meat-free motivation in
Men´s Fitness Magazine UK Jan 2021
Two vegan recipe spreads in the Men´s Fitness Magazine January 2021 issue.
The January 2021 cover of Mens Fitness Magazine.